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Welcome to Braemar Mortgage Services

We aim to provide proffesional easy-to-understand mortgage and protection advice. Whether you are looking to remortgage your home, or want to protect your family and loved ones from the financial impact of unexpected life events, we have the service to suit you.

Braemar Mortgage Services Ltd are an appointed representative of Braemar Wealth Management (NW) Ltd, who have achieved Corporate Chartered Status* and are one of only 230 companies in the UK to achieve this status.  Braemar adhere to the highest professional standards and ethics in the industry. 
(*Source: Chartered Insurance Institute

We believe we offer something different and value the relationship with our customers; our aim is to maintain a long-term relationship with our clients providing them with the best advice we can, in all areas of mortgages, remortgaging and financial planning.

Why Us, and Why Mortgage Services?

We offer a free personal consultation to understand your reasons for a remortgage; we will give you unbiased advice and identify other financial products whilst looking for opportunities to lower your financial outgoings.

We ensure the right protection is tailored to your needs and we find you the most competitive and cost effective scheme available.


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Braemar News

  • A mortgage solution to support a younger generation
    A mortgage solution to support a younger generation

    Many young people are still living at home or struggling to pay expensive rent whilst saving to get a place of their own.

    The average property price in the UK is £218,255 which means for most, they need to source a large deposit to keep their monthly costs manageable.

    Marsden Building Society’s Family Step Mortgage allows family members to secure their savings or property to allow the borrower/family member access to a mortgage without a deposit with lower monthly payments.

    The Family Step mortgage offers an opportunity to reduce the time you spend in rented accommodation or living at home saving for a deposit. The product is said to be ideal if you:

    • Have no deposit or just a little bit saved.
    • Are looking for a competitive mortgage rate
    • Have family members with savings or a property (with the mortgage paid off) who are willing to help.
    • Are looking for a flexible way to purchase your next or first home.
    • The Family Step Mortgage allows a ‘family supporter’ to secure the borrower up to a 100% mortgage with full ownership of the property at a lower rate of interest.

    They can do this by one of two ways; the family supporter either opens a ‘family step savings account’ for up to 20% of the property purchase price or they secure up to 20% of the loan size using the borrowers property purchase price. The charge will be released when the mortgage amount is less than or equal to 80% of the purchase value or after 10 years if the loan completion was 95% or less.

    Is this one of many new mortgage products lenders will be bringing to the market to help the so called 'generation rent'.

  • McCafferty: Bank of England "shouldn't dally" on rate rise

    McCafferty: Bank of England "shouldn't dally" on rate rise

    Outgoing Monetary Policy Committee member Ian McCafferty has urged the Bank of England not to "dally" over the next interest rate rise.

    In his final speech as a member of the Monetary Policy Committee, Ian McCafferty points to growing inflation pressures as grounds for raising rates soon.

    He says that the economic outlook "points to the need for a modest tightening of policy over the course of the next three years, with the rate curve on which the forecast was predicted suggesting three rate rises over that horizon."

    McCafferty went on the say that along with the risks surrounding the outlook, we "should not dally in making to next move".

    If you are thinking about remortgaging, the time is now. Do not wait until interest rates to rise again; take advantage of the current rates whilst you still can.

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